Purple Dot Overview

Purple Dot is a pre-order management platform. It enables you to easily sell stock before it arrives through creating pre-order experiences.

Purple Dot provides all the tooling required to manage pre-orders including the customer experience (display components), transacting the customer (payments, including 100% pay upfront, split payment with a deposit upfront and rest on ship, or full charge on ship) customer service flows (customer self-service, with internal dashboards and integrations), communications (email) and data (as events, visualizations and downloads).

To set-up a product a pre-order, a Waitlist is created that takes an item from your existing catalog, adds estimated ship dates as a date range along with the number of units you want to pre-sell by SKU or total. Purple Dot then enables shoppers to pre-order this product (checking out), the pre-order wait experience (self-serve amend, cancel and email updates), and the transition of pre-orders to regular orders when the product arrives in your warehouse.

Purple Dot has 2 different integrations depending on your business needs and tech stack. If you are not sure which one you need, contact us and we can help assess your set-up.

Our Shopify app is a fully self-serve integration and the fastest way to start taking pre-orders!

It enables a 100% pay-later flow by vaulting the customer card at checkout, and auto-charging when you are ready to ship.

Merchants best suited for our Shopify app have downstream 3PLs or warehouse / shipping parters that support Shopify's "On Hold" status and mixed cart fulfillment.

No engineering effort required.

Pricing starts at $0.95 per fulfilled pre-order (first 10 pre-orders free), with additional volume discounts available.

Our Platform Integration is best suited for larger merchants or those with a more complex tech stack. It is compatible with both Shopify and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

It is out-of-the-box compatible with all major downstream 3PL and warehouse / shopping partners, and also is fully FTC compliant in charging upfront for pre-orders.

In order to deliver this downstream compatibility and FTC compliance, our Platform Integration provides a checkout that reflects your brand’s look and feel which activates when a customer's cart contains a pre-order item. This enables the orders to be held outside until stock arrives and a FTC compliant payment flow.

Engineering effort is required, and the integration can be done by you or by Purple Dot. See our Getting Started Guide to set up the Platform Integration.

Pricing is a flat all-in % transaction fee, depending on your country and with additional volume discounts available. This includes all payment processing fees. There are no any additional payment or transaction fees via your eCommerce platform for pre-order transactions since Purple Dot is transacting the pre-order.

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