Test the Platform Integration

Each store in Purple Dot is configured as either Live or Sandbox. A sandbox store doesn't process real payments and can be used for development or testing.
The sandbox attribute of a store is set when it's created and can't be changed later. Sandbox stores are indicated with a badge in your Merchant Portal and the checkout modal.
Our recommended integration approach is to create a sandbox store (e.g. ACME Staging) and connect it to your staging environment. When you're ready to go live, you can create a live store (e.g. ACME UK), connect it to your production store, and switch the sandbox API key for a production one.
To test transactions in a sandbox store, you can use Stripe's test card numbers. A UK-based test card number is 4000 0082 6000 0000 and US-based test card number is 4242 4242 4242 4242. You can use any expiry date, CVC, and ZIP/postcode with the test cards.
When you export a pre-order from a sandbox store, an order is created in your connected store as normal.
To be able to export orders in a sandbox store, you must still connect a bank account. When connecting a bank account in a sandbox store, you can use Stripe's test details. No real money transfers are made in sandbox stores.