Get all open waitlists. Useful for determining which products have a waitlist.


  • api_key - Your Purple Dot store's public API key


  • data - An array containing all the open waitlists

    • id - The waitlist ID

    • state - The waitlist state

    • display_dispatch_date - The waitlist estimated shipping dates

    • payment_plan_descriptions - (platform integrations only, otherwise null) Shopper friendly description of your store's pre-order payment plan, if any

    • selling_plan_id - (Shopify app integrations only, otherwise null) The Shopify ID of the selling plan linked to this Waitlist

    • product - An object containing the waitlist product

      • id - The ID of the product used by the connected store, e.g. Shopify product.id

      • product_code - The product code used by the connected store, e.g. Shopify product.handle


curl 'https://www.purpledotprice.com/api/v1/waitlists?api_key=<...>
  "meta": {
    "result": "success"
  "data": [
      "id": "3bbc58c6-9a11-422f-9cf5-6a5ac8468eec",
      "state": "OPEN",
      "display_dispatch_date": "Shipping 10–15 Jun",
      "payment_plan_descriptions": null,
      "selling_plan_id": null,
      "product": {
        "id": "4697179062404",
        "product_code": "womens-white-sneakers"

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