Connect to Shopify

If you are using our Shopify App, please seeInstalling our Shopify App instead. See Purple Dot Overview for the comparison of our Shopify App vs. Platform integration.

Steps to connect

Purple Dot will connect to your Shopify store as a custom app. This allows Purple Dot to export pre-orders to Shopify and keep the product data in sync.

  1. If your store has never used custom apps, you will need to enable these first. Log into your Shopify store's admin panel, navigate to the Apps section, click Develop Apps (top right of the page), then click Allow custom app development. At this point you will be asked to check that we comply with the Shopify Terms of Service, which we of course do, with the blessing of the Shopify Partnerships Team. Click Allow custom app development to confirm.

  2. Next we need to install the Purple Dot custom app. If you have not already, log into your Shopify store's admin panel, navigate to the Apps section then click Develop Apps for your store at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click Create an app. You can set the App name to Purple Dot and App developer to Purple Dot (

  4. Next we need to give the new Purple Dot app permissions to import your inventory and export orders. Click Configure Admin API scopes and select the following:

    • write_orders, write_inventory, write_locations, write_products, write_customers, read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders and read_shipping always

    • write_publications - if you want to let Purple Dot manage sales channels of products on pre-order

    • write_discounts and write_price_rules - if you are planning to use discount incentives with pre-orders

    • write_gift_cards and write_gift_card_adjustments - if you want to let shoppers pay with these in the Purple Dot checkout. If any of these are not available to you please contact Shopify support to ask them to add these to your Shopify store alongside the giftcard_api beta flag

  5. Set the Webhook version as 2023-07

Click Save in the top right.

  1. Navigate to the Overview tab and click Install app. Confirm the intent and you will be taken to the API credentials tab where you will be able to view the Admin API access token. Reveal this and keep a copy as we will need it later.

  2. Navigate to the Integration settings page in the Merchant Portal and click Connect in the Shopify section.

  3. Set the domain to your store's Shopify domain (not your store's custom domain), and paste the Admin API access token from earlier.

  4. When you save, you should see "Connected to".

  5. To import your products from Shopify, navigate to the Products page of the Merchant Portal and click "Import from Shopify".

  6. Once you confirm, all products will be imported and kept in sync using Shopify webhooks.

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