Configure Shipping Rates

If you are using our Shopify App, please seeInstalling our Shopify App instead. See Purple Dot Overview for the comparison of our Shopify App vs. Platform integrations.

Purple Dot can use the same shipping rates for Waitlisted products as used for other products in your Shopify store.

To enable this, head to the Shipping settings page in the Merchant Portal, select Shopify as the shipping rates provider and then import rates from your Shopify store.

Purple Dot will automatically stay in sync with any changes you make to the shipping rates in your Shopify store.

Please note that:

  • custom (per product) shipping profiles are not yet supported.

  • third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates are only supported for those Shopify stores that use Postcode Shipping.

Simply head to the Shipping settings page in the Merchant Portal and add the pre-order overrides you need.

You can select if any price conditions defined in these apply to the whole cart, or just the pre-order line items in a cart, under checkout settings.

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