JavaScript SDK ES Module

An ES module wrapper for the purpledot.js SDK.
Note: This package wraps the PurpleDot object provided by the purpledot.js library and dynamically loads the underlying script. It does not bundle the full source code.
npm install @purple-dot/purple-dot-js


This function returns a promise that resolves with the PurpleDot object provided by the SDK. If not included already, it will inject the script tag into your page and load it. When called in a server environment it returns null.
import { loadPurpleDot } from '@purple-dot/purple-dot-js';
// Injects the script and loads the SDK
const purpleDot = await loadPurpleDot();
// Use the SDK as usual
purpleDot.init({ apiKey: '5f6b6189-5380-423d-8f59-6c34eb61bbff' });
purpleDot.load({ placementType: 'button' });