Platform Integration Changelog

Release notes for our platform script.
If you are using our Shopify App, please seeInstalling our Shopify App instead. See Purple Dot Overview for the comparison of our Shopify App vs. Platform integrations.

27th Sep 2023

  • Improved detection and handling of checkout buttons
  • Expanded out-of-the-box support for hidden elements
  • Refactored some features to increase performance

20th Sep 2023

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

13th Sep 2023

  • Improved handling of links on PDP

6th Sep 2023

  • Improved SEO for on-site preorder elements

30th Aug 2023

  • Improved detection and handling of checkout links
  • Increased flexibility of separate cart element placement

16th Aug 2023

  • No changes

9th Aug 2023

  • No changes

2nd Aug 2023

  • Updated default styling of waitlist info on PDP
  • Improved handling of quick add buttons

26th July 2023

  • Minor bug fixes

19th July 2023

  • No changes

12th July 2023

  • No changes

5th July 2023

  • Improved handling of add-to-cart calls that may include invalid cart items
  • Support locales when intercepting /checkout and /cart links when needed
  • Fixed some missing FR/DE/ES translation strings
  • Purple Dot checkout now supports the same discounts as your native checkout by default rather than optionally

8th June 2023

  • Improved detection of checkout links

31st May 2023

  • Improved translations
  • Minor bug fixes

24th May 2023

  • Added translations for the 'Learn more' modal

17th May 2023

  • Improved pre-order messaging on product listing pages
  • Improved pre-order messaging for cart items

10th May 2023

  • Added better support for pre-order features on a product listing page
  • Improved logic in how we listen to the state of product variants

3rd May 2023

  • Improved our source code by using less browser caching
  • Added dynamic checkout buttons to the list of elements we hide when cart contains pre-orders

26th April 2023

  • Improved detection/handling of cart drawer links that take user to the checkout or cart page
  • Hide non-supported payment options (e.g. Shopify Payments) in cart forms

19th April 2023

  • Decommissioned the client side Klaviyo integration in favour of the more reliable backend integration. Read about it more here

12th April 2023

  • Added pre-order conversion tracking support for Yotpo and TikTok, read about all the integrations we now support here
  • Improved handling of Waitlist information on product pages to ensure it's always positioned underneath the Pre-order button
  • Introduced window.PurpleDotConfig.plp.hide to enable hiding elements on product listing pages for any product on pre-order, read about it more here

5th April 2023

  • Improved handling of add-to-cart forms to facilitate Purple Dot's preorder button
  • Rolled out a new navigation listener in supported browsers to redirect the user to the Purple Dot cart page if the Shopify cart contains preorder items (this feature is only for a small set of customers who have been contacted)

30th March 2023

  • Improved support for themes that re-create add-to-cart buttons every time the variant changes.
  • Purple Dot intercepts /checkout* form submissions and redirects to its own cart page if the cart contains pre-order line items. Now we strip all query parameters if that redirect needs to take place, which makes this redirect more reliable.