Platform Integration Changelog

Release notes for our platform script.
Looking to learn more about our Platform integration? See the Purple Dot Overview.

24th May 2023

  • Added translations for the 'Learn more' modal

17th May 2023

  • Improved pre-order messaging on product listing pages
  • Improved pre-order messaging for cart items

10th May 2023

  • Added better support for pre-order features on a product listing page
  • Improved logic in how we listen to the state of product variants

3rd May 2023

  • Improved our source code by using less browser caching
  • Added dynamic checkout buttons to the list of elements we hide when cart contains pre-orders

26th April 2023

  • Improved detection/handling of cart drawer links that take user to the checkout or cart page
  • Hide non-supported payment options (e.g. Shopify Payments) in cart forms

19th April 2023

  • Decommissioned the client side Klaviyo integration in favour of the more reliable backend integration. Read about it more here

12th April 2023

  • Added pre-order conversion tracking support for Yotpo and TikTok, read about all the integrations we now support here
  • Improved handling of Waitlist information on product pages to ensure it's always positioned underneath the Pre-order button
  • Introduced window.PurpleDotConfig.plp.hide to enable hiding elements on product listing pages for any product on pre-order, read about it more here

5th April 2023

  • Improved handling of add-to-cart forms to facilitate Purple Dot's preorder button
  • Rolled out a new navigation listener in supported browsers to redirect the user to the Purple Dot cart page if the Shopify cart contains preorder items (this feature is only for a small set of customers who have been contacted)

30th March 2023

  • Improved support for themes that re-create add-to-cart buttons every time the variant changes.
  • Purple Dot intercepts /checkout* form submissions and redirects to its own cart page if the cart contains pre-order line items. Now we strip all query parameters if that redirect needs to take place, which makes this redirect more reliable.